1. introduction to French verbs

2. regular verbs
-er verbs
-er verbs (regular)
-er verbs (stem changing)

-ir verbs
-ir verbs (regular)
-ir verbs (irreg) like ouvrir ‘to open’
-ir verbs (irreg) like partir ‘to leave,’ sortir ‘to go out,’ dormir ‘to sleep’

-re verbs
-re verbs (regular)
-re verbs (irregular) like prendre ‘to take’
-re verbs (irregular) like mettre ‘to put, to place’
-re verbs (irregular) like suivre ‘to follow’, vivre ‘to live’

3. common irregular verbs
‘to be’
avoir ‘to have’
avoir expressions, ex. il y a, avoir besoin de, etc.
aller ‘to go’
faire ‘to do,’ ‘to make’
faire expressions
venir ‘to come’
boire, croire, voir: ‘to drink’, ‘to believe’, ‘to see’
savoir vs. connaître: two ways of knowing
dire, lire, écrire: ‘to say’, ‘to read’, ‘to write’

4. pronominal verbs
pronominal verbs: se raser, se lever, se disputer

5. modal verbs
modal verbs: vouloir ‘to want to,’ pouvoir ‘to be able to,’ devoir ‘to have to’

6. impersonal verbs and expressions
impersonal verbs and expressions: il faut, il est important de …

7. equivalents for “to leave”
quitter, partir, sortir, laisser: different verbs for ‘to leave’

8. infinitive constructions
infinitive constructions, including past and negative

9. causative faire
causative faire

10. transitive vs. intransitive constructions
transitive vs. intransitive constructions

11. present participle
present participle